About Blake's Miracle

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Blake's Miracle (2010) from Anil Kandangath on Vimeo.

Blake's Miracle Foundation helps terminally ill children with alternative pain management therapies and drowning prevention. If we can get these children to not think about their disease, remove the thoughts of pain or death, for just 15 minutes, we have served a purpose.

Pediatric pain continues to be the most under treated pain in our nation. Under treated pain can cause children to have greater distress, which slows healing time and depresses immune function, leading to an increase in morbidity and mortality of surgical procedures.

It can also result in post traumatic stress disorder. Pediatric Pain Management includes psychology, hypnotherapy, guided imagery, massage, music therapy and other new innovative therapies for pain. Medical research has shown that these types of treatments help ease the pain of the procedures without having to rely solely on narcotics. It has also shown to help lower stress levels, which aids in accelerating the healing process as well as lower the morbidity and mortality rate of the children undergoing these treatments.

Safer 3 drowning prevention helps educate parents with safety precautions and preparedness around water. Safer 3 drowning prevention techniques include: protection against unauthorized entry with gate and barriers; constant adult supervision including swimming lessons and proper behavior around water; and rescue techniques such as CPR.